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We provide high-quality construction and repair services for your commercial and residential needs. From office buildings to bungalows, we make sure water gets to where it needs to go. As North Carolina’s longest running plumbing company, we know the best and most affordable way to get the job done.
Water Main
At Ammons, we know how to connect your plumbing to the source. We have decades of experience with water mains, as well as city and town plumbing infrastructure. Hydrologic, hydraulic, we keep you connected.
Commercial New Construction
Got a new business? Tired of that dripping faucet? At Ammons, we don’t waste a drop, and that’s why we provide exemplary, custom plumbing to businesses and commercial spaces of every kind.
Kitchen Repairs
Ammons Plumbing has decades of experience with every type of kitchen repair, from the professional to the residential. We know sinks, we know ice machines, and we know dishwashers. Trust us to snake out that botched casserole.
Slab Leak Repairs
If there’s a problem with your property’s foundation, we’ll find it. Whether it’s faulty installation, chemical reactions, or weakened water lines, we know how to fix it.
Water Heater Service/ Installation
Ammons Plumbing can fix any problem your water heater may throw at you. We can work with conventional, tankless, heat-pump, and condensing heaters. If you need a new heater, we also provide expert installation, ensuring years of quality hot water.
Water Cooler Repair/ Installation
We know fresh, cool water is critical to any home or business, and is why we are able to repair or install any modern water cooler.
Tankless Water Heaters
We love working with tankless water heaters. Some have even called us obsessed. These high- tech systems offer a number of benefits and challenges, and we are here to help you manage any issues you may have, whether it be repair or installation.
Video Drain Inspection
At Ammons, we are fluent in all the latest plumbing technology. For difficult drainage problems, we use state-of-the-art cameras to locate and repair any damage to your drainage system.
Sump Pumps
Keep your cellar or basement clean and dry with the use of a reliable sump pump. At Ammons, we can help you find the pump best suited for your specific needs. We also offer high-quality repair work.
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Residential New Construction
We’re here to help you make your dream home. We know kitchens and we know bathrooms. We know water pressure, we know drainage basins, and we despise a running toilet. Tell us what you have in mind, and we will work with you to make it a reality.
Toilet Repairs/ Replacements
In Queen City, we know the importance of a functional throne, so trust us with your toilet repairs and installations. Clogs, weak flushes, the odd goldfish – we won’t tell a soul.
Bathroom Repairs
What’s life without a functioning bathroom? At Ammons, we’ve seen it all. We know why your shower is cold, and we know why your toilet has lost its passion for the job. We think about your bathroom so you don’t have to.
Leak Location
Leaks are the most common of plumbing issues, and we have been finding and repairing leaks since the 1930s. We locate broken seals, damaged joints, and pipe corrosion so your plumbing works better than ever.
Drain and Sewer Cleaning
We provide fast, effective, and thorough drain and sewer cleaning, and we won’t stop until your plumbing system is better than new.
High Velocity Jetting
High velocity jetting is a powerful and effective cleaning technique used for difficult clogs and blockages. When it just won’t budge, rest assured that we have the necessary tools and methods to clear any problem you may experience.
Backflow Testing / Installation
At Ammons, we like to keep the good water separate from the bad water. Call us crazy. We have decades of experience testing backflow, as well as installing the necessary equipment to keep your water clean and flowing in the right direction.
At Ammons, we know how to keep waste in its place. We can install or repair any modern garbage disposal unit, and we can work with you to design the ideal disposal system.
Clogged Drains
There is nothing more beautiful to us than water spinning down a drain, so trust us to solve all of your drainage problems. Whatever the blockage, we can find it,

We can build it and we can fix it.

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